Do you fathom even remotely hitting the gym?

Going to the gym can get boring after a while. A few months into the routine and you are already gearing for some change. what about the hefty sum you paid for your annual membership? You were so excited that you were finally starting to train that you over enthusiastically signed the dotted lines and paid for one year. And here you are at the end of six months, sulking to go the gym.

You are not alone:

Take heart about the fact that you are not the only one. Statistics show that three in five people who join a gym leave it mid way before completing their term due to injuries, boredom or not seeing any great results.

But our gym is different!

When you will choose to enter our gym, you wont feel like you doing it. Starting from the entrance to the gym floor, there is absolutely nothing that can make you feel bored or redundant. The 5000 square feet of training area spread over five stories is the worlds largest gym facility in one place!

You name it and we have it.

  • Jacuzzi, checked!
  • Spa, checked!
  • salon, checked
  • steam room, checked
  • Swimming pool, both warm and cold, yes checked!

And a host of other activities and kinds of new and innovative work out techniques and forms that are added and updated from month to month. This is one place you are more likely to check in again and again. Come now to discover the magic!